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Dec 12, 2011



This really helped me understand why the people you know, your so called friends and family don't support you. Thank you...moving on I shall do...and I will stop expecting it from them

Nicoline Ambe

You've covered some very very important points in your article Lema. It's so well written and in-depth. Thanks for that. The article confirms what Les Brown told us during our meeting with him on Tuesday. He said that 95% of the people that will help you reach your goals are strangers. He said as business owners, we must build a network of achievement driven people who can connect you to the right people. That made complete sense to me, and as you stated in your article, we'll never really grow in the circle of our family and friends because they don't share our vision and don't quite understand the urgency in reaching goals, which like-minded business folks do. Great piece!

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